Gerritsen Beach Blue Jays, around 1951. They played together for several years. (left to right) Front row: #58 Bobby Klopf, #41?, #3?, #95 John Rudden, #18 Howard Berntsen, #35 Billy Hall (maybe Hiat), #64 Bill Thorpe, #44 Joe Welsh, coach Tony Ferrara. Middle row (bending forward): ?, Danny Rogers, Jerry Romero, ?,  Ray Kennedy, Sonny Johnastad, Mike Daly. Back row (standing): ?, ?, ?, Joe Monahan, Frank (Brother) Brandow, Bill Farina, Jim (Red) Brandow, Billy Hurd, #53 Jimmy Leone, Pepper Martin. Not in photo: Joe Leone, Wally Hartsorne, Bunky Samuelsen, Jimmy Foy, Ed Finnigan, Brian Redmond, unless they are among the question marks.

This picture was take by Joan Welsh at the Bluejay reunion in early June 2003. Most of the guys are in the same position in this picture as the 1950 version above.  
Front row kneeling L to R. Bunky Samuelson, Bill Thorp, Wally Hartshorne,Howard Berntsen, Danny Rogers, Bob (Bif) Johnson, Jimmy Foy.
Next row Standing L to R. Gerry Coughlan, Joe Leone, John Rudden, John (Sonny) Astad, Mike Daly, Ed Pfaeffle, Joe Welsh.
Rear row. L to R. Ed Furey, Billy Sweeney, Brian Redmond, Ray Kennedy, Frank ) Brother) Brandow, Jim (Red) Brandow, Joe Banham.



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