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PHOTO #1 L.Barbara Banham L. Virginia Ferrara #2 L Danny Rogers,R. Joe Banham #3Facing L to R Helen (Rudden) Redmond,Mary Sweeney,Ed Pfaeffle. Accross from them L to R Bill Sweeney, Kathy Pfaeffle. #4L to R Kathy Pfaeffle,Bill Sweeney,Brian Redmond. #5L to R Margie(Dillon)Ried, Lar Ried, and thier son, #6L to R Howard Berntsen,Jerry and Bernie Coughlan,Coleen and Ray Kennedy. #7L to R Maggie(Faloona)Clark,Clair(Follis)Akerina,Wally Hartshorne,Jean Astad.#8L to R Irene (Jest)Leery,Joe Leone,Gloria(St John)Leone.#9 L to R Wally Hartshorne,John (Sonny)Astad,Irene(Jest)Leery. #10 Seated,Mike Daly.Standing, Jim(Red)Brandow, (The blonde is a waitress)Background L to R Bernie Coughlan,Coleen and Ray Kennedy,Standing ?, Margie and Lar Ried, Their son, Frank(Brother)BrandowBunky Samuelson, Jim Foy,at table behind Mike Daly, Bob(Bif)and Nancy Johnson,Billy and Lois Farina. #11can be deciphered from previous pics. #12 Brian Redmond (2 pp)

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