Mrs. Sullivan 1955 Class 4-2

Photo Courtesy of Joseph Miano
Name Courtesy of Eric Rubin

Starting with the boys at the left standing up...Michael Margolis (I think),
Steve Rundell, then Joe Miano, Harvey Kirshner, Rich Romm, ?, Alan Cohen, Ed
Light, Mrs. Sullivan, ?, William Bardash, Phil Bernstein, Eric Rubin, Matthew
Feingold, Wm Wetterroth, Ira Lepselter, Joey Koslow (I think),
Dominick Domiano and Harvey Levin. The girls are a bit harder...The one in
the very front is Janice Magid, behind her with the scarf around her neck is
Alba Romeo, behind her is Cynthia Tomashoff, two behind Cynthia is Sharon
Dunn. In the far right corner below Harvey Levin is Louise Chiprout. I don't
recognize too many of the others except the third girl in the last row near
Mrs. Sullivan is Debbie Tomasch.