Mrs. Kuhlkin, 1949, Class 1949

MWH: Dark-haired boy standing one away from the easel is James Kominski from Knapp Street. First row, third seat may be Euinice Soloman . Second row, last seat, with the striped collar and the freshly pin-curled hair is me. Third row, fifth seat, in the Brownie uniform, with the beautiful golden ringlets is Janet Young, my best friend, who moved away to Valley Stream that year. Last seat is Victoria Every, whose mother, Marjorie, a former student of Genevieve, had a dancing school in her house on Knapp Street. 

The years appear to have taken their toll  on Mrs. Sullivan. My mother said Mrs. Sullivan wept when she heardshe would have another Wetteroth boy in her class. Or maybe it was the increase in class size that wore her down. I count 38. It was the beginning of the baby boom--right before PS 194 put on the extension, I think. My brother Bill is the boy in the two tone jacket in the center stander 

(Courtesy Mary Wetterroth Hoppes)