MWH: Raymond Doughty (right) , the Fireman's oldest boy, and Jim Wetteroth (left), the Cop's oldest, on Communion Day, ca 1948. They lived exactly opposite each other on Knapp Street. Who knows what they had just been up to or were about to be up to?

This picture was taken on the Wetteroth side of Knapp Street, with the awning of the attached #2325 in view and #2327 in the background. The next year Ray left 194 for Resurrection., Jim and Ray grew apart then, proving  the well-established fact that you could not be best friends with someone who went to another school. Jim stopped going to church almost immediately after his communion. He was the fallen away Catholic in our family. I followed a couple of years after that. Bill never made his first Communion, and  in 1952 or so we started going to St. James Lutheran (Courtesy Mary Wetteroth Hoppe)

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Last changed: March 09, 2005