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Still frame from the 1948 movie City Across the River. (See story.) This is a shot of 108 Bevy Court, with a Bevy Court woman (originally identified as Mrs. Reigler) hanging out the wash. Just above Tony Curtis (far left) is the baby carriage with Patricia Sacco, 110 Bevy Court. According to Pat Sacco La Morte (1/29/00), the woman hanging out the wash is actually Mrs. Albrecht (108 Bevy); the Reiglers lived across the street at 109. Carol Flood writes (2/9/00): I see Pat Lamorte corrected the woman in the picture hanging the laundry as Mrs Albrecht which is correct, but the Rieglers lived at 107 Bevy Court not 109 Bevy Court. I know because 109 is my address. The Reiglers were my neighbors for many years.

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Last changed: March 09, 2005