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Shellbank Creek

End of Garland Court, 1920s

Creek as seen fron Knapp Street, 1920s

The Point, 1920s

End of Florence Avenue, 1945

End of Hyman Court, 1930s

Silverfleet, 1920s or 1930s

Bartholomay's boat, 1931

Bartholomay rowboat underway

Medowhen II, end of Cyrus Avenue, 1930s

Lightfoot's end of Garland Court, 1960s

Winter, 1960s

Winter, 1960s

Elsie K III, 1980s

View to the south, 1994

View to the north, 1994

Sunset, 1996

Winter, 1996

Donna J, 1963


Last changed: June 28, 2002