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- - The End/the Point For swimming and catching polio. Remember the old barge?
-- - The Barge -

84 Ebony Court

The Tamaqua (1958 ad) On Shellbank Creek (Ebony Court) between Bijou and Channel Avenues
- - The Civic Club Bijou Avenue and Shellbank Creek, next to the Tamaqua
- - Sutter'sYacht Club Across Shellbank Creek. They shot off firecrackers every July 4th.
- - Shellbank Yacht Club Originally on top of a barge next to Sutter Brothers across the Creek from then end of Ira Court.
- - Mooneys Boat Yard At the end of Ira Court.
- - PS 194 On Knapp Street, by Whitney Avenue
- - Ryan's stable Around Avenue V and Knapp Street
- houses The Church of our Savior on Allen Avenue between Bevy and Celeste Courts The original grammar school for Gerritsen Beach.
- - Dr. John Meindel The dentist on Celeste Court.
- - The barracks On the other side of Gerritsen Avenue as housing for WW II vets and their families. Built after the war, probably 1946. Were down before 1957.
- 21 Lester Court Dugan's and Larson's A home delivery service for bread and cake.
- - Genevieve's Dance Studio (1958 ad; photo) All the girls took ballet or tap dance lessons.
- 20 Melba Court "Scotty" Arscott, photographer -
n End of Everett Danza's Yacht Club / restaurant -
- 2291 Knapp Street Mr. Michos music teacher & music arranger at Radio City Music Hall
- check.gif (846 bytes)52 Seba Avenue The Vollies, Gerritsen Beach's Volunteer Fire Department -

1922 PS 194's cornerstone laid.
1922 Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department organized.
1925 St James and Resurrection built.
1927 James Madison High School opened.
late 1920s Graham Theatre opened. It closed around 1980.
1931 Floyd Bennett field opened. It closed in 1970.
1932 Original Brooklyn Public Library branch at 305 Gerritsen Avenue dedicated
1934 Tamaqua opened.
1940-1941 Belt Parkway built.
1948 Public housing projects between Ave. X and V from Nostrand to Batchelder built.
1951 Streets were raised and sewers put in.
1953 PS 277 built
~1963 Houses were built along Gerritsen Avenue in the New Section
~1963 Houses built along Gerritsen Avenue between Bartlett and Cyrus .

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