Gerritsen Beach  Streets


Avenue U to Avenue X & Gerritsen Avenue

East-West, Starting from the North

North-South, starting from the East

Avenue U

Burnett Street

Avenue V

Stuart Street

Whitney Avenue

Gerritsen Avenue

Avenue W

Plumb 2nd Street

Avenue X (Christopher Columbus Drive);
alongside PS 277 park

Plumb 1st Street

Knapp Street


The New Section

Avenues (run East-West)
Allen Avenue (near Avenue W)
Bijou Avenue
Channel Avenue
Devon Avenue
Everett Avenue
Florence Avenue
Gotham Avenue (along the Canal)


Courts (run North-South)
Aster Court (nearest Gerritsen Avenue)
Bevy Court
Celeste Court
Dictum Court
Ebony Court
Fane Court
Garland Court
Hazel Court
Ira Court
Joval Court
Knight Court
Lacon Court (nearest Shellbank Creek)


The Old Section

Avenues (run East-West)
Bartlett Place (along the Canal)
Cyrus Avenue
Seba Avenue
Lois Avenue (near the End)

Courts (run East-West)
Kay Court (next to Bartlett)
Landis Court
Merit Court
Keen Court
Lester Court
Melba Court
Nova Court
Opal Court
Post Court (nearest the water)

Courts (run North-South)
Abbey Court (nearest Gerritsen Avenue)
Beacon Court
Canton Court
Dare Court
Eaton Court
Frank Court
Noel Avenue (ran parallel to the courts)
Madoc Avenue
Gain Court
Hyman Court
Ivan Court
Just Court (nearest the water)

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Last changed: March 09, 2005