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The following article appeared in the October 20, 1950 Bay News, Vol. 6, no. 2. It was contributed by Gil Gillen.



$150,000 Goal Set for New Resurrection Building

Plan for New  Resurrection Church: Reverend Sylvester J. Ronaghan pastor of Resurrection Church, Gerritsen, N.Y. checks parish map with John Gillen, general chairman of the building fund campaign and Patrick Byrnes, associate chairman. Av intensive house-to-house drive is planned to raise $150,000 for the erection of a new church in Resurrection parish.


One of the greatest undertakings in the history of Resurrection Parish, is now under way with the opening announcement by Rev. Sylvester J. Ronaghan pastor, of a fund raising campaign with a minimum goal of $150,000 for the erection of a new church.

A joint statement by John Gillen, general chairman and Patrick Byrnes associate chairman announced the selection of divisional captains who will direct the activities of more than 250 volunteer workers throughout the drive. Mr. Byrnes said "The response to our appeal for volunteers and the enthusiasm of the committee members all point to a successful campaign." Assignment of workers to the various teams will be completed this week.

The teams will be under the leadership of the following captains: Walter P. Donnelly, Frederick W. Low, Raymond McCartney, Patrick Mitchell, Stephen Wenzel, Frederick Christiansen, Thomas F. McCloskey, Patrick McQuillan, William Ringwood, Thomas E. Devine, William Chandler, Walter Broderick, Frank Sheridan, John L. Crehan, Ernest Catalfamo, McCabe, Raymond S. Sullivan, James Flanigan, Andrew Dolan, Charles O'Rourke, Edward Arnold, Francis E. O'Keefe, James Coffey, Lawrence M. Kane, W.M. Ferro, William Komorowski, Robert Keller.

The special gifts, memorial committee under the leadership of Carmine Anzalone with Frank Judge and Pierce Walsh as associates has already swung into action. It is expected that this committee will make a substantial contribution to the campaign of $150,000. The final report for this committee will be announced at the formal opening of the campaign on Thursday evening Nov. 9th.


In his opening announcement Father Ronaghan said, "The mounting requests for a new church made by the parishioners in recent years and the rapid growth of the parish necessitates a plan of action to solve our problem." He continued "The present school auditorium now used as a church is inadequate to serve the needs of our people."

Upon construction of the proposed church the auditorium will be available for parish affairs with facilities for social, cultural and recreational activities for the youth of the parish.

Campaign headquarters have been established in Resurrection school hall--2335 Gerritsen Ave.--NI 8-8202 where meetings will be conducted throughout the campaign.

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