Information from the St. James/Resurrection 50th Anniversary brochures.

Part of Resurrection's Early History

Resurrection Church was first planned in 1922 by the light of kerosene lamps. Father Matthews resided in a double house at Bevy Court and Everett Avenue. The lower floor of one house was used as a chapel. Meetings and social gatherings were held on the second floor. The priest's reception rooms were on the lower floor of the other house and the priest's living apartment was upstairs. In August 1924, the first bazaar was held at the Civic Club. By 1924, mass was offered there.

It was always thought that the church would be built at the corner of Gerritsen and Cyrus Avenues, but the bishop's engineers felt that the ground was not solid enough. The cornerstone was laid at the present site on June 15, 1925, and the school was opened in September 1925.

Lighter moments in the church's history include Father Ronaghan directing traffic in front of the church every Sunday. He did such a good job that the Police Department awarded him his own badge. And when the price he received to paint the classrooms was too high, brush in hand and in his T shirt, he did it himself.

Father Raymond Shevlin played football with the boys every Sunday morning in the vacant lot across from the church. Sister Mary John was the music teacher and Sister Lucina fixed her binoculars on the sands to find the hooky players. Sister Florita's yardstick never missed its mark.

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