by James Fetter

The Barber shop --Sal the barber. Originally worked in a shop next to "Cardboard Joes". He left the beach for a few years and then returned to a location off of Everett Ave. Next to Mackins Bar (Pat Mackin). Another bar another story.Sal was a good guy. My brothers and I would stop in faithfully every other week and get our hair cut and tell Sal my dad would pay him on Saturday. My dad would go in in Saturday to get his hair cut and it would cost him $4. The good olds!

There was a beauty parlor in next to Cardboard Joe's too and the butcher shop was there before moving down next to Food Haven (John's Grocery).

My mom went to school with the George from the dry cleaners. I couldn't help but laugh , your description of the "T" shirt is right on. He was epiletic. You may remember he had some bad burn scars. This was from falling on the iron.

There was a lady that worked for George for a long time, Mrs. Fenney. I believe it was Josephine. Her husband Bill delivered milk post WWII for Sheffield Farms with my dad. They live on Jovel Ct. between Devon and Everrett.

O'Connor's bar now the Knights of Columbus --A bar by another name.

The Cops - I remember Gerritsen Ave was the divide between the 61st and 63rd precincts. As are crowd accumulated on the corner of Gerritsen and Allen Ave., the one precint would come and tell us to move. Across the street was fine with them, the next phone call would have to be answered by someone else.

I remember Tommy Fox taking firecrackers away from kids and standing on the dock by the Tamaqua pulling the fuses out and throwing them into the creek. He would have a beer or two when he was done.

The police car style. I can't watch Tuddy and Muldoone and not remember --"Car 54 where are you." Is that the style you are referring to?

I have another "Cardboard Joe" story, but this is getting to long another time. Thanks everyone, I'm loving this.

Submitted 9/14/98

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