by James Fetter

The bar (Park Tavern) changed hands numerous times. Pat Tagney was my first recollection. Two other Irishman took it over from the Tagney's (54 Bevy Ct.) when Mr. Tagney suddenly died around 60-61. Pete Grevina and Walter Beneke purchased it until the final days.

I still have my signature book from my Resurrection graduation in 62. There is an alumni from that school alone that can tell some good stories. For example, there was one lay teacher that worked there for years, Mrs. McGarry. The good Dominican Sisters provided me with an education that is still paying off today.

Mass on Sunday, do you remember going to Mass in the school before the new Church was constructed --approx 1952. First pastor I can remember was Father O'Connor. He was replaced by Msg Yeager. The all-time favorite priest of the parish had to be Father Shevlin. He did return to be pastor and may still be there.

Gerritsen Beach Park before PS 277 was built in 1952? There were baseball diamonds extending all the way out to Gerritsen Ave.

Something that I forgot the other night was "D" Television Repair. It was owned and operated by Vinny. My aunt (Myrle Aitken - Ray 51 Hazel Ct.) worked there for years as the customer service person. My mother (Gertrude) replaced her when Myrte moved to Florida around 1970.

Hey, remember Duggan's and Larson's home delivery service of  baking goods? My waist line remembers. There was also another person that did home pick-up and delivery of dry cleaning Charley Morriel (Ira Ct.)

When TV was a new thing, Doctor Meindel had one of the first TVs in the Beach.My older brother John would go up to Doctor Meindel's office every afternoon and watch TV until they closed the office each day.

I can remember changing dentists to the Dr. McHugh. He was from Fane Ct. and the family was friends of my family. I remember his sister Mary was his office assistant. He also had at least two brothers, Pete and Pat. His office was right across the street from Resurrection and behind Burns Funeral Home.

Burns Funeral Home owner Jay had two sons, Jimmy and Timmy, and a younger daughter whose name I have no recollection of. A bout five years ago I was getting a cup of coffee at the Pentagon cafeteria and happened to see Ltc. Jimmy Burns USMC. We were both rushed and only had a minute to share. He looked identical to the days in GB.

Submitted 9/12/98

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