Circa 1945-1950, Gerritsen Ave, between Cyrus and Seba, had stores at both ends of the block. In the center of the block was an odd building; you had to go up a few brick steps to get in. Think it was a store in the 40s but I can't recall what they sold. [Green's Vegetable Store. The Hall family lived behind it.--AW] When we used to walk to the End (along the white line to keep our bare feet from roasting) I believe we stopped there for a 5 cent bottle of soda. Next to it were a few empty lots with the remnants of a gas station. Gas pump bases, grease pit?, and I think in old photos--a water tank. Rumor had it that it was a turnaround and service point for the buses. Perhaps the roads (and buses) were so poor they couldn't make it back to the central bus barn?

In the 40s, on weekends, they put old small buses into service. Think they had about 20 seats and you exited at the back. In your change in those days you would occasionally get an Indian Head Cent, or a "V" nickel (Liberty--the predecessor of the Buffalo nickel).

The BMT at Ave U had one more track (on the east side) than it does now. In the thirties they ran work trains on it . A normal engine I think, but with a few old "turn of the century" passenger cars with manual doors and a platform at each end. Old maps show a spur going into Sheepshead Bay. Don't know where the north end terminated originally. They removed the track and narrowed the overpass and added a few stores on Ave U. It probably added many blocks of residential real estate on East 15th St? from Sheepshead Bay to Ave M or so.


Submitted 9/10/98

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