by Richard J.

It is really a treat to find someone from the old neighborhood who remembers the old places so well.

I had not thought of Mr. Michos in years, but when I saw the name it all came back to me. I did not know he worked as an arranger at Radio City.

If I remember correctly there were Salk vaccine trials at PS194. Some of us were "Polio Pioneers". I only remember the thought of being stuck with the needle, but can't remember if I was a participant or not.

From the age of 7 months, until I was 25 in 1971, I lived at 48 Celeste Court, corner of Devon Ave. The former owner was Sadie Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Thulke were on one corner. They came from Bremen, Germany, in the 1920s or early 30s. Mr. and Mrs. Duffy lived directly across the street. Wikesteins (sp?) lived next door. Rosemary Wikestein's name was SMYTH and was raised on the Beach up toward Ave.W if I remember correctly. Her husband Ragna was from Sweden and worked for Sperry Rand on Long Island. I remember that he was scheduled to be on the submarine USS Thresher for new equipment trials when it was lost on the bottom of the Atlantic. A last minute change sent a coworker to his death instead. Life is sometimes very strange.

I think Hiram Stryker was the sales agent for our house . He had been involved in the development and sale of the new homes built in Gerritsen Beach in the 1920s. I remember he had an office on Gerritsen Avenue for many years into the '60's. I left "The Beach" for Dayton, OH in '71, my wife's home town.

My dad was too old for WWII, having served in WWI, so he went to work for Bethlehem Steel as a riveter in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. He made "big bucks" --sometimes $100/week! So my parents saved their money and bought the house on Celeste Court for $4,000 cash in '46. Not even a proper down payment on a home today! Of course $100/week in earnings wouldn't go far today either...

I think I got shifted from PS194 because of overcrowding in the NYC schools at that time. After the barracks school I went on to PS 277, then to the new Marine Park JHS 278, and to the also new Sheepshead Bay HS and then to Brooklyn College.

Lots of things are still packed up or are in storage but I am getting anxious now to find my old "Beach" photos and some family pictures for the '20's and 30's.

What would Mrs. Swailes think of all this instant electronic communications?

Another name I forgot to mention was TUCKER. Carol and Alexander had two children Jean, now about 60 or 62, and Ronald, now about 51. They lived off Devon Ave, perhaps on Fane Court. Everyone called Carol "Aunt Cass". She called her husband "San", for Alex("s"an)der. I called him Uncle Al. She was a distant cousin of my mother's mother, been born at Scilly Cove (now Winterton), Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, as was my grandmother. Uncle Al helped my dad get his job at the Brooklyn Navy Yard at the beginning of the WWII. They also were the ones who suggested to my folks that they look for a house at Gerritsen Beach after the war. Later in the '50's they moved to Nassau County, Long Island.

Submitted 8/28/98

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