The stores to be sold are on Gerrittsen Avenue from the corner of Devon Avenue to Everett Avenue and are right in the very heart of the newly developed community of Gerrittsen Beach. Gerrittsen Beach has two miles of water front with a lagoon 145 ft. wide and 1700 ft. long, extending right into the property. Gas is supplied by the Brooklyn Borough Gas Company and electric service by the Gerrittsen Electric Co. Free buss service is furnished by the department of Education of the City of New York for the children to go to and from school. Twelve busses are kept in constant operation serving the people of Gerrittsen Beach from 4.45 A. M. through the day until 2:30 A. M. in the morning.

homebuilding.jpg (21816 bytes)

Home building moving at a rapid pace


To Reach the Sale take any
transit line
to Borough Hall, Brooklyn, and
be there at 8 o'clock
in the evening

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