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GERRITTSEN BEACH is named after the first purchaser, Martin Gerrittsen who bought the property in June, 1636. It was part of an estate of 1800 acres and belonged to and was inhabited before the Dutch settlers in 1624 by the Canarsie Indians.

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Beach Scene at Gerritsen Beach

The old mill located at the present site at Gerrittsen Beach is approximately 100 years old and supplanted the original grist mill of years ago which was erected by one of the early settlers of New Netherlands for the purpose of grinding corn. This mill was a tidewater mill, being operated by damming the tidal water each day through a sluice and over a water wheel which slowly ground the corn. Not so many years ago practically all the territory surrounding this mill was owned by the well known Colonel Harry Payne Whitney and was used as his summer resort for many years.

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View of Gerritsen Beach from the Water

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