This article is based on an article by Irma Stillufsen that appeared in the March 1967 Gerritsen Globe.

Housing Project on Shellbank Creek?

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In February 1967 there was a special meeting of the Gerritsen Beach Property Association to address rumors that a housing project was scheduled to built on the northern end of Shellbank Creek. Mrs. John Kennedy, President of the Association and Lillian Lightfoot  spoke with the borough engineer, who confirmed that a block in the water was legally mapped and could be built on. The project was proposed, but not developed. In order to build the project, Plumb 1st Street below avenue X (Shellbank Creek) would have to be closed. The project would have been a New York State middle income housing development, housing up to 1000 families. The five 15-story buildings would have been bounded by Avenue X, Avenue Y, Knapp Street, and Plumb Beach Avenue. [Where is Plumb Beach Avenue?--MK]

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