Gerritsen Beach Land Grants

Kieft Patent for the Town of Gravesend

Whereas it hath pleased the High and Mighty Lords of the Estates General of the United Provinces, his Highness Frederick Henry (by the grace of God) Prince of Orange, and the Right Honorable the lords Directors of the West India Company to give and grant unto me, William Kieft, sufficient power and authority for the general rule and government of this province called the New-Netherlands,--Now know ye whomsoever these presents may anyway concern:

That I William Kieft, Governor General of this Province, have given end granted unto the Honored Lady Deborah Moody, Sir Henry Moody, and their associates a certain quantity or parcel of land, together with all the havens, harbors, rivers, creeks, woodland, marshes, and all other appurtenances thereunto belonging, lying and being upon and about the westernmost part of Long Island, and beginning at the mouth of a creek adjacent to Coneyne Island, and being bounded on the westward part thereof with the land appertaining to Anthony Johnson and Robert Pennoyre, and so to run as far as the westernmost part of a certain pond in an old Indian field on the north side of the plantation of the said Robert Pennoyre, and from thence to run direct east as far as a valley beginning at the head of a fly or marsh sometimes belonging to the land of Hugh Garretson, and being bounded on the south side with the Main Ocean....

Given under my hand and seal of this province this 19th of December in the Fort Amsterdam in New Netherland 1645.

Willem Kieft

Indian Deed to the West India Company for Land on Long Island

We, Willem Kieft, testify and declare herewith, that today, date underwritten, before us personally appeared Seysey, chief, Sepinto, Ponitaranachgyne, chiefs and owners of the lands between the Coney Island to Gouwanes along the North River and from Coney Island along the seashore to Weywitsprittner [Gerritsen Creek] and then north by west and north north west to Gouwanes aforesaid, who declared, that with consent and approval of other Indians, for and in consideration of a certain quantity of merchandise, which they acknowledge to have received to their satisfaction and contentment before the passing hereof, the have transferred, ceded, surrendered and conveyed in true, free and lawful possession to and for the behoof of the noble lords directors of the Chartered West India Company, Department or Amsterdam the before described parcel of land located upon Long Island, with all the action rights and privileges etc. . . .

Done at Fort Amsterdam in New Netherland, 10 September 1645.

To my knowledge,

Cornelis van Tienhoven, Secy.

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