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These are copies of a few newspaper articles about Hog Creek submitted by Estelle Witkowski from a scrapbook about Frank Frerichs. Frank was the President of the Chamber of Commerce for years. The articles are dated around 1933 and 1934.

Frerichs Insists 125 Local Unemployed Are Able to Do Work of Digging Sewage Canal at Hog Creek

hogcreek2.jpg (22946 bytes)
MEN AND WOMEN, residents of Gerrittsen Beach, Brooklyn, yesterday re-opened Hog Creek, which extends to Plum Beach. Since it has been filled in, there had been no outlet from Shell Bank Creek and water had become stagnant. Photo shows Mrs. Thomas Everson in boat. (Contemporary Mirror photo)

Twenty-none men assigned by the Civil Works Administration to dredge Hog Creek appeared for work yesterday morning, and were dismissed when Gerrittsen Beach Civic representatives protested strenuously that 27 of that number were not from a list of the local unemployed recently submitted to the CWA.Frank Frerichs, president of the GB Chamber of Commerce, delivered an ultimatum to Thomas Jones, engineer in charge of the project, in which he declared equipment for the men would not be volunteered by residents of that section unless local men were hired for the work.

Without Supplies

Frank Frerichs also stated that the free use of a small ferryboat would be granted to transport men to their jobs only if this condition was met.Otherwise the men will have to walk to the creek from Sheepshead Bay, a distance of a mile and a half.

Following the dismissal of the men, Frerichs proceeded to a conference with Col. Walter A. DeLamater, acting city CWA administrator. He showed the latter newspaper clippings from The Eagle in which were included accounts of unpaid work by Gerrittsen Beach residents who in the past volunteered to cut through the filled-in creek.

According to Frerichs, the CWA official ordered a rider attached to the specifications of the project whereby Gerrittsen Beach residents are to be given preference for the work there. It is expected the men will be selected this week.

Two Gangs to Work

Present plans for the task include the hiring of 50 men in two gangs, with each gang employed for a three-day week. If local men are hired Frerichs said, home owners in the section will offer them the use of wheelbarrows, shovels and boots. In addition, Rudy Freid, a member of the Gerrittsen Beach Chamber of Commerce, has donated the use of his ferryboat to transport the laborers to the creek