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Frank Frerichs

Another article submitted by Estelle Witkowski. This first appeared around 1933 or 1934.

For almost 2 decades Gerrittsen Beach has had a steadfast champion and defender in the person of tall, smiling, congenial  As the first and only president of the Gerrittsen Beach Chamber of Commerce. Mr Frerichs is advisor and friendly counselor not only for the members of his association, but also for the youngsters. Twelve years ago, he earned the affectionate nickname of "Uncle Frank," a title he wears with a happy, confident grin.

A native of NYC, President Frerichs went to Fort Lee, N.J. to attend school. He completed his academic training in that city and entered business, choosing Brooklyn as a likely spot. He worked his way up from the bottom to the position of general manager of one of the largest printing concerns in NY. When he gave up the atmosphere of printer's ink and noisy linotypes, he started in business for himself.

Mr Frerichs never permits himself to become bored. If he can't enjoy life, he believes, why live it? So, he has taken active part in numerous civic and social undertakings through out his 25 years residence here. Perhaps this explains the extraordinary combination of activities in which he indulges his leisure time.

His complete time as a business man is made even more full by participation in the following organizations: the Chamber of Commerce, Community Dental Clinic (as president), the Property Owners Association, Gerrittsen Maintenance Committee, Sheepshead Bay Square Club, Commonwealth Lodge No. 409, former member of the Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department. He is vitally interested in the St. James Lutheran Church to which he and his family belong.

He prefers to help needy friends without broadcasting the fact. Many have jobs because he said a good word here and there. Many poor families are fed by him periodically without fanfare. Residing at 35 Nova Court he leads a pleasant family life with his wife and two boys, ages 15 and 7. His wife is his ex-secretary who gave up taking dictation sixteen years ago to settle with Mr Frerichs in Gerrittsen Beach.

Last changed: June 28, 2002