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1924 News--Good and Bad

Oil expose ends political career of Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Resignation of Col. Theodore Roosevelt Jr. is demanded.

Gov. Smith heartily welcomes Volunteer Firemen from the Boro in a celebration.

A meeting was held to discuss the building of a boardwalk at Rockaway Beach.

Oil and gas prices to go up say engineers. Overproduction and low prices of last year abnormal.

Women of Brooklyn spend $6,000,000 for shoes last year. Men were more reckless.

Woman says "dead husband" returned to shoot 2nd husband.

Brooklyn is America's greatest seaport; it ranks 4th in industrial importance.

Gov. Alfred E. Smith of N.Y. calls a conference about adopting a dry law.

President Coolidge declares business conditions of nation to be good.

Old Fulton Ferry passes out. One of Brooklyn's oldest landmarks being stamped out in so-called "march of progress."

Missionary Helen Springer took the next boat to the Congo after seeing New York's bob-haired flappers.

Lon Chaney stars in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" at the Crescent Theatre." His best drama so far.

Brooklyn Handicap days at old Gravesend race track. Bright page in history of turf.

Brooklyn Dodgers gathering at Clearwater training camp. Reuthers, Vance, Tom Griffith eager to start.

Erasmus High School carries off most of the honors in football for the season.

Johnny Weismuller ties 100 yard record in the American crawl swim meet.

From the Fiftieth Anniversary brochure of St. James Lutheran Church, 1974.