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Newcomer's Guide 
to the Site

mission statement

This web site is about our collective memories of  Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, NY. The message boards have been set up to enable visitors to share their own memories with the rest of us. My hope is to have it become a record of Gerritsen Beach's history that would otherwise be lost. 


The Memories page is the site’s home page and table of contents and lists such items as articles about Gerritsen Beach, its history, old newspaper accounts, and links to other sites of interest to people from the Beach.

How to Submit a Story

Send stories to the Webmaster by e-mail. Attachments are preferred, but you can type the story into the body of an e-mail message instead. If you have a related photo to accompany a story, submit it as described under How to Submit a Photo below.

What’s New

What’s New is a chronological listing of items added to the site. Listings are deleted after 90 days.

Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery is organized by topic. Photos within each topic can be viewed as a slideshow, in which you can move from one photo to the next quickly, or one-by-one from a list.

How to Submit a Photo

You can submit images as files, original photos, or color photocopies.

Send a caption with each photo that mentions who is in it and when and where it was taken. If you send several photos with similar content, indicate which is your favorite, since we have a limited amount of space. Don’t send photos that are out of focus.

Send original photos to the Webmaster for scanning. They will be returned promptly. I’ll send you my street address by e-mail if you let me know that you have photos to submit.

If you are concerned about your originals, you can send color photocopies made by a copy or print shop. Please ask the shop to make the copy on their best machine; the self-serve copies are usually not good enough. Color copies cost about $1.50 each and you can usually put more than one picture on a page. B&W photocopies of photos don't scan well enough to use, so get a color copy even though the original picture is B&W.

If you have access to a scanner, you can scan photos and send the files as e-mail attachments. 

Try to place the image so that it’s straight on the scanner and crop the image in the preview stage so that you’re scanning just the photo and not the entire scanner bed. I can convert, crop, and resize files as needed.

If you’re experienced at scanning, you can save uploading time by scanning the photo at 72-100 dpi and saving it as a jpg. If you're scanning from preprinted material such as a newspaper article, use the descreening function. Check the screen dimensions to ensure that it will fit on the screen with room for a caption (make sure you’re viewing it at a zoom ratio of 1:1). The preferred file size is 30K or less, but larger files may be necessary for photos with lots of detail. Use file names without spaces or capitals.

Message Board

The Message Board is a community bulletin board in which you post your own messages. Usually messages can be posted only to the current forum.  Some older messages can be found in the Archives.

Everyone is invited to become a member.

Please read the message board’s FAQ to learn how the message board works. The FAQ explain registration, the use of smilies , use of UBB code (for bold or italics), changing a profile, customizing preferences, editing posts, passwords, and so forth. A dropdown box:

near the upper right of the message board screen indicates how many dates are being displayed. If you don’t see any messages when you open a particular forum, it is likely that no new postings have been made in the indicated date range. To see the messages, change the number of days being displayed by using the dropdown box.

A small group of links:


appears above the dropdown box in the upper right corner of the screen. You are required to register in order to post messages. You can also set your preferences for how you view the board.

Before leaving a new message, you may want to search the current forums or the archives to see whether it has been discussed before.

To post a new topic or reply to a message, click on the Post New Topic:


or Post Reply:

button at the upper right or lower left of the page. Push the button only once. If you don't see a confirmation page, your message has not been sent. Try again. Depending on the speed of your connection, it may take a while for your message to show up on the screen. You may need to refresh the page.

You can return to the forum or topic levels by using the folder tree at the top of the page or the Hop To box at the bottom of the page.

If you are having further problems, try checking the Tech Corner for tips.

Address Book

The Address Book lists the e-mail addresses of former and current Gerritsen Beachers. To submit your address, fill out the registration form. The Address Book also contains a link to a map showing where Gerritsen Beach people who have visited the site and registered for either the Address Book or the Message Board are living now.


A site search engine can be accessed through the Search link in the navigation bar on each page. The Message Boards have their own search engines.


You are welcome to contact the webmaster with questions about the site.

Special Note: (1) Most of us are writing about childhood memories, not all which are accurate or even compassionate. (Kids are notoriously uncivilized.) When you relate a story, please think about how the people described or their families may react to it and phrase it accordingly. (2) There are plenty of other places to debate ethics, politics, and other  "hot" topics. This isn't one of them. The webmaster reserves the right to delete inappropriate messages.


Last changed: July 27, 2003