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Dec 2003
Campbell, Mary 9 Gotham Avenue Terry and I bought house in 1963.Raised 6 children Mary,Patricia,Barbara,peggy,Terence and Theresa.All married have 12 grandchildren.Terry died 2001,I still live in house am retired and enjoy all the blessings I have been given.
- Campbell, Mary (now Collins) 9 Gotham Avenue -
- Campbell, Ron 30 Beacon Court Retired and living year round in Venice, Florida. Prior to my retirement we lived in Bethel Connecticut for forty years. We still have three children and five grandchildren living in Connecticut.
- Cangley, John & Jenny
Ave. U and 102 Fane Court We are both retired: me from New York Telephone and Jenny from waitressing.
- Cap, Henry 17 Canton court 1936 to 48 I am retired from local 361 Ironworkers and live on Long Island. Occasionaly I visit the beach to see old friends and relatives.
- Cardinale, Ray 69 Celeste Court Living in Virginia. Self-Employed (medical equipment). Pilot, gardener, SCUBA diver, golfer, etc.
- Caridi (Johanna Fay) PALIII Devon & Ira Ct. (Mooney’s Yard) Living in Madeira Beach FL since 1985, retired art teacher. Married in 1947, 5 children, 13 Grandchildren.My dad had the 3rd boat in Shellbank Creek. (PALS)
_ Carmody, Mary Hayes  110 Ivan Court married Jim Carmody from Canton Court, we have a son Sean, and daughter Marykate both in HS. We have been living in Maine for the past 7 years.
Oct 2003 Carragher, Don


66 Florence Ave. Happily retired in Texas after many years in the airline industry. We left the Beach in 1960, moved to E.51st street, then to Norwich, NY and on to Texas in '92. My wife and I raised 4 children. We have 13 grandchildren and our first great-grandaughter was born in Oct.
- Cartmel, Carol (was Schuyler Wright) 116 Ebony Ct still here i can't shake the sand out of my shoes! bob and i will be married 43yrs in april. we have two granddaughters they are 22 and 20 yrs. old would to get in touch with old friends
- Cassidy, Mike 64 Fane Court Still a beach rat--never give it up.
- Castagliola, Beth (Piccolo) 3 Lester Court Living in Sheepshead Bay with husband Joey and 2 sons, 18, 10.
Nov 2003 Catalfamo, Phil 2130 Ford Street Resurrection Class of 1947. Left Brooklyn for the US Air Force in 1957, and retired in 1984. Presently completely retired and living in Colorado Springs, Co. Married Laura Rendinaro in 1958. We have 5 children, and 3 grandchildren. Would enjoy hearing from old classmates and friends.
April 2002

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June 1999

84 Dictum Ct I'm now retired living on Staten Island for 23 years with my wife Janet. We have 3 daughters. 30,26 & 23 the 2 oldest are married and we have 1 granddaughter 3 months old.
- Cavanagh, Mary Ellen 53 Dare Ct. Live in Phoenix, with husband Matt (married in 1999), son Shane (1994) and daughter McKenna (2000). Parents, John & Marion Cavanagh also live in AZ.
- Chiri, Judy
112 Beacon Court Resurrection ‘61;Catherine McAuley; moved to L.I. ‘62; CA ‘71;live in Los Angeles (Burbank) w/husband of 25 yrs; 2 daughters (20 & 17); work as legal secty; love to dance.
- Christie, Jacquie (was Ross) Whitney Ave, Garland Ct happily married now to my childhood sweetheart,we have 10 children,22 grandchildren&7great grandchildren,I also amchoir director&organist for several churches.sure would like to hear from you all..
- Christie, John Melba Ct retired from suffolk college 1990. living on L.I.married to jacquie. wonder what allmy friends are doing now?? still love the water & go fishing as much as I can

Christman, Bill & Alice (was McAllister)

Abby Ct, Knapp Str, Bevy Ct., Garland Ct. Now living in VA.
- Cilento, Steven 29 Dictum Ct I'm married to a great gal, have three children. My oldest just finished her first year at Buffalo University. I graduated from City College 22 years ago as a engineer. I now live on Staten Island. Love to hear from all my old buddies.
- Clapp, Philip R,  Jr. 3 Just Court/52 Beacon Court Artist/designer living in Manhattan for 19 yrs. Have an Antique Shop in Westchester and still visit family and friends in the Beach regularly
 Oct 2002 Clark, Kathy 2424 Gerritsen Ave Married 3 grown kids. Loved the Beach. Would love to hear from old friends and classmates Went to Resurrection (1967/1973)
Oct 2002 Clark, John 2428 Gerritsen Ave Forced to start my own business due to the lack of availability of civil service jobs here in Florida. :)) It's warm here, see you when you retire.I t's been a long time since I was able to visit GB, would love to hear from you. Parents - John and Marion Clark. Sister - Kathy Clark Alvarado. Brothers - Ray and James Clark.
Nov 2003 Clark, Patti (now Conquest) 2918 Gerritsen Ave. My mother still lives on the Avenue. I am self-employed as a Medical Transcriptionsist. In 2003 my son turned 11 and my husband and I celebrated 15 years of married life.
I would love to hear from old friends.
- Coamey, Andrew 7 Beacon Court I live in NYC’s Lower Eastside and work as a non-profit consultant specializing in AIDS, mental health and other special needs housing, and managed care. I would love to hear from anyone from the Resurrection class of 80 and anyone from the only Senior Little League All-Star Team to be Brooklyn and Queens Champions.
June 2002 Coamey, Carole (was Londis) 84 Celeste,  7 Beacon ct. Retired @ enjoying our new home & friends in bradenton fl. graduated resurrection in 1956, st. brendons in 1960. love to hear from old classmates & friends
Dec 2002 Coamey, Edward 29 Joval Court Retired. Had to moved to Fla. for hotter weather. Received head injury when the Army. My right side cannot take the winters in NY. One side was fine, the other turn purple when temp. gets below 32. The best of my life was in Gerritsen Beach. Memorize growing up there are still there in my mind. After the hospital 2 years ago lost the names of most my friends, but the faces are still there.
- Coamey Jr., Jerry (Gerald) 7 Beacon Court (old/parents' house) I live in Chicago with my wife Ann Woodward (from Kansas) and my two children, Nicholas (6) and Olivia (18 months). I am a Creative Supervisor / Copywriter at an advertising agency that specializes in medical/pharmaceutical products.I graduated from Northwestern University in 1986 with a degree in journalism.I'd love to hear from any of my old friends, my fellow CYO "Runnin' Rebels" hoops teammates, and of course my Resurrection Class of 78 classmates. I'm currently working on a collection of short stories about my days as a kid growing up in the Beach. Hope to someday publish them.
- Cody, Vincent 3128 Avenue W insurance agent/sales
- Coe, Dawn 17 Frank Ct -
- Coffey, Jim [Bud] & Eleanor [Schreiber] 45 Aster Court Retired NY Telephone. 1982. Married Eleanor Schreiber 1947 had 5 children and 14 grandchildren all but one son still lives GB. We still feel a great place to live.
- Colley-Balicki, Linda 18 Keen, 1 Seba, 7 Frank NYC special ed teacher in Bed-Sty. I have been a teacher for 24 years. I attended P.S.277, 278, and SBHS. My father was Ollie Colley.
May 2002 Cohen, Arlene (now Rosich) 2251 Plumb 1st Street Married, with 2 children, ages 28 & 30. Living in Marlton, NJ. Graduated from PS 277 in 1959. Graduated from PS 278 (Marine Park JHS) in 1962. Graduated from Sheepshead Bay HS in 1965. Looking for any old classmates.
- Collins, Gerry 3 Lois Avenue Married and living in Bermuda. Work as Guest Services Manager at Dolphin Quest
- Collins, Sara (now Westhead) 3 Lois Avenue Collins bunch included - Gerry (dad), Rosemary (mom), me & Matthew (brother)' left for Bermuda in 1984. Currently living in Bermuda with hubby Andrew (from Yorkshire, England). Were married Jan 27, 2001, expecting first addition in June. Writer for the Bermuda Sun newspaper ( us online at!
- Colombo, Jack 32 Gotham Avenue Fishing in Virginia Beach, VA.
- Colombo, Joe 32 Gotham Avenue Living on Long Island, married with two kids (young adults).Teaching physics, astronomy, and running a planetarium at a local high school.
- Colombo, John & Eleanor 32 Gotham Ave. I’ve been retired 12 years. We’ve been living in Milford, CT since we left the Beach in 1971. We still see salt water from both our front steps and our rear porch. I’m currently building my second Whitehall pulling boat. Can’t get boats out of my system - I don’t try to either.
- Constantine, Mary Alice (now Hoffman)  (?)Plumb 1st Street; 2460 Stuart Street Happily married for the past 26 years with two grown daughters.
- Conway, Kathy
(now Driscoll-Graves)
4 Frank Ct -
- Cooney, Jim & Janice  (was Carmody)  2252 Stuart St, 40 Canton We live in Marine Park I am a NYC Fire Fighter (for 28 years). Janice is an Insurance Mgr. 3 children, 2 sons and 1 daughter, all grown.1 grandson.
- Corney, Joseph R., Sr. 2329 Plumb 1st Street Retired NYC Dept.of Sanitation 1989 school bus operator 1989 to present 3 sons Joe Jr. 29,Christopher 27 and Brian 22.
- Corr, Ken 38 Abbey Ct VERY happily married living in Cape Coral Fla. I work for Fla. Dept. of Corrections, and the Florida National Guard as a Medic. My wife (Marilyn) and I have three beautiful daughters and together we operate our own Home Improvement Company. My sister Linda (Hardy) is the only one of us still in the beach ... and it looks like she'll be there for a while. Mom and Dad are doing well also and they live in Bonita Springs Fl. As does my other sister Karen (Bianco)
- Costello, Mike 116 Ivan Court Married with 2 children. Moved to Princeton/Trenton area of New Jersey in 1979. I still keep in touch with two of my favorite beach rats -- Mitch DiNardo and Tom Shannon.
- Costello, Tim 116 Ivan Court Father of Thomas (1995) and Emily (1998). Practicing architecture in New York and New Jersey. Looking for a place to live in Long Island.
- Cottage, Bob 2324 Plumb 1st Street

Currently work for Chase Bank in the auto finance department on Long Island. Married to Loretta Barbieri for 41 years. Three married children living within walking distance and 4 1/2 grandchildren.

_ Coulson, Rose (was Eckelmann) 32 Nova Court, 76A Bevy Court 5 Years with Merrill Lynch , Married with 2 boys 7 and 5. Still living in Brooklyn, Sheepshead Bay
- Crawbuck, Bob 2444 Burnett, 2448 Stuart St. Left the "beach" area in 1980, lived in the northeast, and now live in Atlanta, GA for the last 11 years.
- Crawbuck, Steven 45 Frank Ct. I still live on 45 Frank Ct, my brothers & sisters moved away,but I‘m still a beach rat here with my two kids Allison & Andrew.
Feb 2002 Crawbuck, John 2444 Burnett Street Living and working in sunny Pleasanton, California with my wife, Mary (Mahr, from Marine Park) and three children: Rebecca, Lucas and Duncan.
- Cromie, Maisie Porter  37 Joval Ct - 1 Bartlett place


Retired and living in Palm Coast Fl. Married James Cromie, have 3 daughters, 3 grandsons and 1 grandaughter who are all living in Minnesota. Jim and I share our time between Fl and Minn. Would be happy to hear from you all. My sister Ruth Porter is retired and now shares her time between Ft. Myers, Fl and New York City would also be happy to hear from you at my E-mail.

- Crowley, Carol Ann
(Henninger Ayers)
48 Ira Court Moved from Gerritsen Beach to AL in 1974. Now married, living in Prattville, AL. Recently retired from work at a small credit union in Montgomery. Daughter Caren's two children keep me and husband young! Husband is Tyrone Crowley, linguist and instructor at local AF base.
July 2003 Crystall, Bonnie
 (now Adler)

Bragg Str, Gerritsen and Bedfor Aves. I am married and Working at the Environmental Protection Agency in DC.I work in the pesticides program and work to reduce what's allowed out there.We like to ski, bike, hike, snorkel, bowl,travel and garden.Anyone who knows me can feel free to contact me and say "Hey"  :-)
-- Cunningham, Charlie 3194 Ave.W Moved to Fla in 1984 and back to N.Y. Valley Stream in 1988.Three kids two in college one on his own. Working in a Bklyn hospital. Playing golf (not very well) whenever I can
April 2002 Cunningham, Maureen (now Dyer) 3194 Ave W Happily retired. Doing all the things I never had time for before, and loving it. Graduated Resurrection January, 1957.Double wedding with sister Peggy Cunningham in 1958 to brothers Bob and Don Dyer
- Curcio, Cindy (now Anders) 2302 Burnett Street I've lived in New Jersey for the last 3 years with my husband Carl and my 4 daughters Kim age 20, Lisa age 18, Anna age 12, and Jenny age 8. My mom passed away in 1995 but my dad is still healthy and well. He turned 91 in June. I'd love to hear from my old friends and hope everyone one of you are happy and well.
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