- Name Old/Current
Gerritsen Beach Address
What I'm Doing Now
A Abrams, Mary 45 Dare Court Still living in Bklyn, Married, one Son, and still working. A big HELLO to all who remember me and my family. We are all doing great!
- Ackermann, Agnes (was McDonald) 20 Aster Court 77 Bevy Court Recently widowed, mother of 4, grandmother of 5,great grandmother of 1, living in Marine Park section now
- Adile, Nancy (now  Delisi) 18 Cyrus Ave. Living it up at Sun Lakes Country Club in Banning, Ca. about 25 miles out of Palm Springs....Swimming, bowling, dancing, bocci, bridge, golf, just having fun....and would love to hear from old friends...and I mean OLD!!!!!!!!!
- Adile, Rosalie (VanTichelt) 18 Cyrus Ave Recently moved from California where I had a private practice as a Psychologist. My husband, Bill, and I are in the process of building a home in a Del Webb Sun City community called "Anthem" in Henderson, Nevada, about 15 miles south of Las Vegas.
Dec 2002 Allen, Gail (now Tell) 104 Dictum Ct Retired to Hurricane, Utah from Clinton,NJ. Raised 4 boys & 1 girl. We have 6 grandkids.
- Amberger, Jim & Jean
112 Just, 31 Dare Courts Left the Beach in '64 & moved to S.I. Resurrection class of 1946. Retired from IBM. Jean & I trying to keep track of 22 grandchildren. Would enjoy hearing from any of the old gang.
- Arcamone, Anthony 2472 Stuart Street I am home now disabled and doing house work. My boys are 22 ad 13 now; my wife is working at libs beauty school teaching.
Aug 2002 Ayers, Caren (now Yarns) 48 Ira Ct Married 14 years and living in Alabama. Have 2 daughters. Looking for PS 277 students from 60's and 70's.
B Bailey, Betty Ann
(Castagliola, Boccia)
29 Melba Ct, 34 Cyrus Ave. I work in the medical field, and just recently became a grandmother.
- Balicki, Linda
15 Keen, 19 Keen, 1 Seba, 7 Frank, 18 Keen I have been a special ed teacher with the NYC Bd of Ed for the past 25 years in Bed Sty. I have been married for the past 10 years to a great guy named Mike. We live in Staten Island. I have a lot of memories from GB.
- Barbieri, Jeff 8 Garland Ct

Living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Resurrection Class of ‘70


Barker, Bill & Maureen
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14 Merit Court I’ve been working in Charlotte for the past 13 years as an Internal Auditor (same company for 28 years). I moved from the beach in 1964. My brother Joe still lives at 14 Merit Court. I’ve been married for 22 years to a gal from Philadelphia; Maureen. We have four sons aged 21,20,18 & 16. Don’t get back to NY much,but it was a great place to grow
Jan 02 Barlow, Artie 6 Just Ct, 90 Celeste Ct Retired NYFD playing golf, making outdoor projexts, taking it easy. married to maryjane nee clark almost 30 years 4 chrilden artie stephen joanne robert step sons john nick jim and annemarie all married except robert still holding out.
- Barry, Jo
2157 Ford Street I married Frank Barry and live in Lake Ronkonkoma Long Island. Have six grown children and four grandchildren. Graduated Resurrection June 1950 and St. Brendans June 1954.
July 2003 Bartholomay, Richard 8 Lester Court Retired from Southern Bell 1983. Worked for NY Tel for 15 years before moving South.
May 2004 Bauerlein, Catherine 101 Beacon, 106 Just Lived at 101 Beacon Court, with the Moore Family, when we first got married. Catherine Moore, was my husbands mom. Artie, Dennis, Brian his brothers, and Barbara, JoAnne, and Anna his sisters.

Lived at 101 beacon court, 1971, to 1972. Moved to Bensonhurst, then back to the beach, in 83, to 106 Just court, until 1993. Then moved to Mesa AZ.

Being a grandma. I have 5 grandkids. We had 6, but my son Michael, lost his precious 3 year old "Brooke-Lynne", to a tragic accident May 15, 2003. But really...I still have 6, she's always in my heart. Please vist pfwbs.org It might save the life of a child you love someday.
Aug 2002 Bauerlein, Michael 106 Just Ct Starting a family is my primary goal. I have opened of all things a game store and small vending company.
Nov 2002 Bauerlein, Theresa (now Holcomb) 37 Nova Ct Moved to Calif. in 1952, lived in the San Diego area for 45 years. Have two grown sons. Retired from Pacific Bell in 1992. Now live in the White Mtns. of Az.
June 2002 Bell, Bonnie (now Lander) 81 Aster Ct, 1767 Atlantic Ave. I live in Cape Coral, Fl. and am retired. I have two children and eight grandchildren. I enjoy doing genealogy and am working on the Bell family now. My grandfather Edward Bell and his family lived at Gerristen beach on Atlantic Ave. in the 1920 census and remained for many years. My father Jack (John) Bell was there during his early teen years and now lives in Maine.
Nov 2002 Benary, George 61 Fane Ct Retired and loving every minute. Whenever I get homesick for "Da Beach" I check into this web site. It is like a trip thru my childhood with all the wonderful memories that we all had there.
- Benecke, George 33 Eaton, 28 & 72 Ebony, 120 Ivan, 1 Bevy Still driving a bus, only now in Queens
- Benecke, Jeanne 28 Ebony Court Teaching high school in Rockland County. I am the mother of two great kids. I still visit all my family in "The Beach."
- Benecke, Joe 28 Ebony/now 15 Landis Currently work for the Transit Authority as a Train Conductor. Moved back into the Beach in '97 after a 15 yr absence with my wife and 5 children. Active member of the Vollies
- Benecke, Pat
1 Bevy Court I'm currently working part time at the Public Library.
Jan 2003 Benedicks,  Cookie (now Diaz) 36 Garland Court Enjoying my retirement with my two grandsons, and going on trips.

Bennick, John

Jan 2000

28 Fane Ct. Retired.
- Berg, Margie
112 Gotham Ave. Living in Staten Island 30 years. 2 daughters, 2 grandsons. Loving retirement & this website.

Bianco, Claire Barbieri

8 Garland Court 65 Bevy Court

Married to Mike Bianco, have 3 children, Andrea, Brian , & Gregory. Working at Resurrection School

- Bilgore, Theresa 57 Dictum, 36 Lester, 10 Bevy, 58 Aster, and finally 14 Seba -
- Black Family 33 Celeste Court Anyone out there remember Mary (Joan), Bea (Betty), Francis (Tom), Lora and Eileen? Went to Resurrection School. Bea would like to know if anyone knows where Pat Kennedy is.
- Black, Eileen 33 Celeste Court Work and Live in Northern New Jersey. Live in West Milford and work for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Florham Park as an Admin Assistant
Dec 2002 Lisa Blanc (now Cedeno) 75A Dictum Ct Married 12 years now and have three children: Anthony, age 11, Christina, age 8 and Alex, age 5. We moved to Lawrenceville, Georgia in 1994. My Husband, ELias, is a Telecommunications Engineer and I have been a stay-at-home mom for 11 years. Just started working part time as a Legal Secretary for a family-law attorney.
Jan 2002 Bloomfield, Janet (now Hartshorne) 102 Canton Ct Retired, living in Ocala Fl with my husband of 45 years. Have 6 children, 9 biological grandchildren, 7 step grandchildren & 6 step great grandchildren. Graduated PS194 June 1950


13 Ebony Ct Retired living in North Miami Beach FL was working as a systems analyst when I became disabled in 1989.
- Boulais, Diane 28 Dictum Ct, 42 Celeste Ct Now living in a small village in the NM mountains,after over 40 years in Miami.I am enjoying retirement and doing some tapestry weaving,remodeling the house and learning the tango.
- Bradian, Karen (now Coppola) 117 Frank Ct I now live in Holmdel, New Jersey with my husband, of 28 years, and one of our four children. I am also involved with a greyhound rescue group and now have 3 greyhounds. Would love to hear from old friends and classmates.
- Branagan, Adele (McDonald) & Bob 10 Landis, 111 Canton Cts Graduated resurrection Jan 1948, St. Brendan's 1952. Married and left GB in 1954. Have 7 children, 6 grandchildren. Retired, living in Windsor Locks, CT with husband of 45 years, Bob. One of Grace and Gene McDonald's 8 kids from the beach. Hello to all.
- Brandow, Jr., Jim 46 Florence Avenue Sales rep for Brooklyn Union. Wife Josette, children Michelle (age 7) and Jimmy (age 5).
April 2003 Brayboy, Linda (was Doane) 120 Noel Ave I've been living in North Carolina for the last 23 years. My husband Jimmy and I have been married for 19 years. We have three daughters, my twins are five and my oldest is nine. I also have a 27 year old stepdaughter and 2 grandchildren. I work in retail.
- Brennan, James 120 Ebony, 79 Aster Currently living with wife Peggy (Wellock) in Freehold NJ. 3 kids-Jim in USCG, Christy goes to GWU in DC,. David in HS. Mom died in 89. Dad living with us. I'm an engineer at AT&T.
- Brennan, Randy 120 Ebony Court Living in Key Largo, Florida since 1978. Happily married to my wife Cathy 10 years. We have a baby girl, Sarah.
- Breslin, Maureen (Moe) 70 Florence Avenue Living in LI, happily married with 3 stepchildren. Working as a Sgt. in the NYPD. Graduated Resurrection in 1974. Sisters, Elizabeth & Lora, brother Jimbo. Mom's name is Elizabeth and Dad (who still lives on Florence Ave.) is James.
= Brincat-Kelly, Laura 93 Bevy Court Stay at home Mother of three beautiful children.
-Jun 2002 Broadhead, George R 116 Dare Ct; 115 Eaton Ct.; 2317 Knapp St. Finishing book re: "U.S. Marine Corps Memorabilia". Relishing each day in New York and Paris. Being with my children at every opportunity. Having returned to Gerritsen Beach ranks high on the list of the best decisions I have ever made. Not a day goes by I don't see childhood friends in passing or by design.
- Bubell, (Pacheco) Wendy 114 Frank I live in Florida with my wonderful husband and my 2 ½ year old son. Contact me!!!!
- Buehler, Ellen
 (now Horst)
8 Lester Ct I have been living in Houston Texas since 75. I’m divorced and live with my 3 dogs and 2 cats. I am an addictions counselor and a massage therapist. A far cry from my life at the beach...but it is a good life. Both my sisters, Nancy and Ginny, live here and my parents came last year....my brother, Richy, is in Albany...It was great to see the web site.
- Buehler, Richard F 8 Lester Ct 

Working for Schenectady Police Department, overseeing among other things,Professional Standards. If any of the nuns ever read that I was working for the Police they'd pass out! Anyway, its different, its fun, and it keeps me out of trouble.

Sept 2002 Buehler, Virginia (was Schneider) 9 Bartlett Pl & 8 Lester Ct. Dick and I have been retired for more years than I care to remember. We moved here from Dunedin, Fla. 6 years ago. Our 3 daughters Nancy, Ellen and Ginny live here. Our son Rich still lives in the Albany area Recently my sisters, Vivian and Vickey(Vera) were talking "old times" and Vickey said she thought it a shame that Genevieve Hageman has never been remembered for all the time and energy she put into all her students. Certainly she brought culture to the beach to many many boys and girls." Miss Genevieve" will live with many of us for years to come. She taught many of my classmates and I go back to the late 1920's and taught my children in the 1950's. So if anyone has any ideas for some kind of a memorial for this great woman, let me know and maybe we can get something done.
- Burchell, Alan, Jr.,  and Helen (Robinson) 53 Aster Court, 44 Fane Court Alan is a plumber, working on new construction and hotels. He also does woodworking and makes toys. Helen owns a bed & breakfast near a beautiful lake. They are married 40 years, 2 children, 5 grands.
Sep 2004 Burtchell George & Rosemarie (nee-Spano) 53 Aster Court

George passed away 4/1/00--sudden heart attack in Fl. I am a Nurse.  My youngest goes to the university of Tn., Knoxville. And my other daughter Debbie still lives in Bensonhurst.

_ Burnett, Banham now Kerstin 68 Beacon Court

Husband retired from AT&T moved in in Sept’99 from Orlando. 2 children both on own. Enjoying the country living

Sept 2003 Byrnes, Mary Ellen 2384 Gerritsen Ave; 2484 Burnett St Although I live in NJ and work for AT&T Labs there, I still spend a lot of time with my family in the Beach. My brothers are running the funeral home and I work there to help out when I can. My Mom, Viola, is still going strong and manages the bookkeeping for the funeral home. My Dad, Jay, passed away over 20 years ago but I still can't pass Gerritsen and Whitney Ave without picturing him tap dancing on the corner and waving to everyone who passed by. He really loved Gerritsen Beach. He was one of the first members of the Court Club when it was the "Park Tavern Boys". My grandparents were very active in Resurrection and in many of the political groups in the early days of the Beach.
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