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Gerritsen Beach resembles a quaint fishing village on the southern coast of Brooklyn, New York. This site is an opportunity to find out what it was like to live there. (New York Times review of the site.)


In Memoriam

Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department,

a sample chapter from a book under development tentatively titled Early Gerrittsen Beach, by Lorraine DeVoy et al.


Stories told by people from Gerritsen Beach

Photo Gallery

Remember All the Gerritsen Beach Street Names?


(Current Gerritsen Beach .)

Where did your family live? Check from

Avenue U to Avenue W

New Section

Old Section

A History of Gotham Avenue

The Official Site of Gerritsen Beach Today

Where Was It? Going South Along Gerritsen Avenue

Including  some old advertisements:

    Above the New  Section

    The New Section

    The Old Section

    Other Places & Events

Ben & Jerry vs. Fran & Izzy  

(with recipes)

Dennis Jensen's Resurrection Page

Gerritsen Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library

The Tamaqua's Web Page

Map of Where We Are Now

The Brooklyn Bridge in 1902:

Click on the image for a larger view.

The Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department

bullet Borough's Lone Vamp Group in Gerritsen (1931)

bullet Gerritsen Volunteers to Go (1934)

bullet Gerritsen Beach Volunteers Still Boast of Putting Out That Manhattan Fire (1936)

The St. James Cadet Corps and Drum Corps

by Major Charles H. Rule, 1974

A Sad Goodbye to Charley

Charles Geary (Charley the Midget) is killed by a hit-and-run driver in 1971.

Junk Yard

Underworld auto graveyard in Gerritsen Beach

kestrelHer Home Is a Nest for Injured Birds

A Daily News article about Hanna and Artie Richard

Housing Project on Shellbank Creek

Planned but never built.

biplaneThe "New" Floyd Bennett Field (1931)

Ginny Holmes Powell relates her parents' flying days; newspaper accounts of the field's dedication.

Gerritsen Beach's Holmes Family

They set up a bus line, built the Graham, organized the St. James Band, Girl Scouts, and more.

Girls of Gerritsen Beach Make Their Own Fun Within Reach of Home (1940)

A newspaper description of a 1940 Girl Scout Camp


Universal Shoots Movie Scene at Gerritsen Beach

Newspaper article about City Across the River.

1924 News--Good and Bad

Interesting comments on events and mores in 1924.

1953 Little League Roster of Players

Frank Frerichs and the Digging out of Hog Creek

Three 1933-34 articles (including photos) about the digging out of Hog Creek to transform Plumb Island into Plumb Beach. Also a short bio of Frank Frerichs, the president of the GB Chamber of Commerce who made it happen.

bullet Shovels Trumps for Gerrittsen  

bullet Gerritsen Diggers Cut Hog Creek Free

bullet Frerichs Insists 125 Local Unemployed Are Able to do Work of Digging Sewage Canal at Hog Creek

1921 Sales Contract and Map for 27 Abbey Court

new and old Advertising

Books Related to Gerritsen Beach

All Year Homes for Sale, 1924

A 1924 ad for Gerritsen Beach houses.

1925 Real Estate Offering for the Stores Between Devon and Everett Avenues

Fascinating pictures of early Gerritsen Beach in a 1925 brochure offering the stores between Devon and Everett Avenues for sale.


St. James Lutheran Church

Resurrection Catholic Church

 Resurrection Fundraiser, 1950

P.S. 194 1949 Graduation Exercises

Remember Miss MacDavitt?

Brooklyn Land Grants Related to Gerritsen Beach

What the Indians really got paid.

Gerritsen Creek, the Mill, and the Whitney Mansion

Some brief historical notes. Pictures of the mill and mansion appear in the Photo Gallery.

Irma Stillufen's Profile of the Early Gerritsen Beach

Gerritsen Beach's most well-known historian.



Last changed: September 29, 2004


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